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16% of 44 tasks completed. 37 open tasks:

drugCMS#6 - Presets for client settings Expand Collapse
drugCMS#7 - deleting articles in overview Expand Collapse
drugCMS#8 - AMR: Error while deleting categories Expand Collapse
drugCMS#12 - Support for transparent PNGs (resizing in file manager) Expand Collapse
drugCMS#13 - Show messages with position: fixed Expand Collapse
drugCMS#14 - Problems while connected to a second database Expand Collapse
drugCMS#15 - Old sessions are not deleted if conlib uses file containers Expand Collapse
drugCMS#16 - Uploadfolders deleted with FTP are still in db-table Expand Collapse
drugCMS#17 - Upgrade TinyMCE to newest version Expand Collapse
drugCMS#18 - Module Manager Expand Collapse
drugCMS#20 - Show inuse files in file manager on request Expand Collapse
drugCMS#21 - article-overview: page selecting and sorting of articles Expand Collapse
drugCMS#26 - Rearrange the class files into a new structure Expand Collapse
drugCMS#27 - Optimize category rearrangement with drop buttons Expand Collapse
drugCMS#33 - Admin option to hide module-config-areas from authors Expand Collapse
drugCMS#34 - Show template description in category and article configuration Expand Collapse
drugCMS#35 - Posibility to move files in file manager Expand Collapse
drugCMS#38 - Enable login from external page Expand Collapse
drugCMS#50 - Extract the demo client installation data into separate packages Expand Collapse
drugCMS#53 - Preview: Add options to view the page in different sizes Expand Collapse
drugCMS#57 - Updater: Implement an updater, which can update on klick or auto Expand Collapse
drugCMS#58 - DesignShop: Export clients and import them from a webshop Expand Collapse
drugCMS#64 - PHPMailer: Upgrade to newest version Expand Collapse
drugCMS#69 - Categories/Articles: Add option to show names in prefered langua Expand Collapse
drugCMS#72 - Implement functionallity to make email addresses impenetrable Expand Collapse
drugCMS#76 - File system: nameable folder to hide system from visitors Expand Collapse
drugCMS#84 - DB Backup: Add possibility to enter a comment Expand Collapse
drugCMS#85 - Article properties: Hide categories the user may not access Expand Collapse
drugCMS#86 - Create functions to display select boxes for directories and fil Expand Collapse
drugCMS#93 - Template switcher Expand Collapse
drugCMS#94 - Add functionality to delete a client Expand Collapse
drugCMS#112 - Backend Login: Restrict attempts Expand Collapse
drugCMS#115 - User Rights: User with set rights should be able to give other ( Expand Collapse
drugCMS#121 - Categories: Add an option to delete contained articles and sub-c Expand Collapse
drugCMS#122 - Articles: Sorting per jQuery TableSorter Expand Collapse
drugCMS#124 - Output compressor: Check relative paths for their source Expand Collapse
drugCMS#127 - SEO-URL: Reset aliases for the current client only Expand Collapse

Roadmap for version 3.0.0 Expand all | Collapse all


0% of 4 tasks completed. 4 open tasks:

drugCMS#23 - Create a new backend without frames in HTML5 / CSS3 / jQuery Expand Collapse
drugCMS#28 - Exchange modules in templates in the article configuration Expand Collapse
drugCMS#29 - Switch from MySQL and MySQLi to PDO Expand Collapse
drugCMS#106 - TinyMCE: Show editor in popup or inline and save through Ajax Expand Collapse

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0% of 1 tasks completed. 1 open tasks:

drugCMS#37 - Add more languages Expand Collapse

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